Genevive Ocansey: An Entrusted Name For Legal Solutions In Ghana, Africa

If you are looking for a legal consultancy firm that can offer legal advices for your business's issues associated with management of assets, employees, regulation of business activities, etc, then, Centurion Ghana Limited can be of a great help. They have years of experience under their hat and they have earned a name in the industry through their outstanding services. They are counted amongst the top consultancy firms in Ghana, Africa and the Director of this firm is Genevive Ocansey, who played a major role in its success. She is also the Legal Consultant of the company and has assisted a number of firms in their legal matters. She has years of experience in corporate management and commercial transactions. She specializes in handling legal issues, including banking, oil and gas sector, financial affairs, anti-corruption, contracts and conveyance, etc. She has in-depth knowledge regarding the Laws and Legal System of Ghana through which she offers legal aid to her clients. She has successfully resolved complex matters of corporate firms through arbitration. She has outsourced and represented her clients in an efficient manner.
She is not only the Director and Legal Consultant, but also a qualified lawyer in Africa. She strives hard to derive positive results for her clients’ cases through her well-planned legal strategies. She understands each and every aspect of International and Ghana Law through which, she renders remarkable legal help to people of Africa. She has pursued Bachelor of Laws from a recognized law school which is named as Ghana School of Law. This institution was established in 1958 and provides training to lawyers so that trainees can become a part of Ghana Bar Association. She is quite appreciated for her unique style of working and optimistic attitude by her clients as well as colleagues. It is her dedication for her work that enables her to reach to the top of the success ladder. Genevive Ocansey is one of the most well-known lawyers in the country and it is her great knowledge that made this possible. She is also a popular Barrister in Africa and Legal Practitioner with a reputed firm called Deleric Law Consult.  

Genevive Ocansey is an experienced lawyer and a member of Broad of Directors at SIC Life Company, which is one of the leading insurance companies in Ghana. If you are looking for a reliable insurance firm, then you can trust them completely for their insurance policies. They were awarded as the radio advert of 2012 for their outstanding product named as the Final Journey Plan. They are trusted by a number of people for investments in insurance policies of the company. Their products include Family Security Plan, Loan Protector Plan, Flexi-Child Education Plan, Ultimate Life Plan, School Fee Protection Plan, Group Life (Term Assurance) Policy, Group Life Endowment Policy, and many more. One person, who plays an essential role in the formation of these policies through which the clients can fetch maximum profits from their investments is Genevive Ocansey. She is an example of success for those, who want to be a lawyer, or a legal consultant.

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